My Review on the new Predators Movie

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I watched the new Predators movie on the first day it came out.It was an amazing movie.I think that it was better than all predator movies but i also think they could have had more muscular actors like in predator 1.I also like the three predators tracker,burserker,and falconer.


New movie:Predators

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A new movie coming this summer called predators is heading our way.What happens is the predators go to earth and take about 6 humans and they take them to there own planet to hunt.I’ve also been imformed rhat there are some new species of predators,like the predator dog.its actually coming in July.people being hunted by 3,4 maby even 6 predators is going to be epic.go to youtube and watch the trailer if u havent

AvP the Game Skins (NEW!)

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i do not have all the skins yet but here they are.ALIENS:warrior,warrior dome,number 6(pre order),warrior ridged,praetorian,and nethead/grid alien.MARINES:franco,rookie,van zandt,moss,kaneko(pre order),connor,gibson,and johnson.PREDATOR:dark,claw,stalker(no helmet),hunter,spartan,Wolf(from AvP R),lord/elder,alien helmet(pre order).


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Aliens VS Predator is an awsome game.You can be hunter,prey,or survivor,choose your side.The Gamestop pre order kit comes with a life size facehugger figurine,the game,an AVP skin(not covered) and a guid(not coverd).aliens,predator,marines,choose your side.


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The predalien is a morph between an alien and predator.this creature has eggs inside its has dreadlocks,a body of an alien,the mandables,and a tail like an alien.the creators of this creature said they didnt want to look in the box and put a predator head on an alien body he wanted to get the characteristics of a predator and put it on an alien.this creature first appears at the end of  AvP1.It also appears and dies in the movie AvP R.This alien also has some characteristics of a predator.


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